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    Brasserie Sainte Cru


    Sainte Cru is a brewery defined by an eagerness to anything unconventional. They are inspired by the American way of brewing and they constantly need to get off the “Alsatian” beaten path. Meticulous and creative, brewers of Santa Cru are certainly shaking up the Alsatian brewing tradition.

    La Débauche


    Angoulême rhymes with comics and illustration, La Débauche is the perfect example. Each of their beers is a visual experience in itself. The brewery was founded in 2013. With a catalogue of more than 13 beers, La Débauche is definitely one of the most promising breweries in France today.

    Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or


    First brewery within Paris itself, it is intimately linked to its neighborhood. At the heart of the Goutte d’Or in the 18th quarter, beers that are brewed there are representative of the local culture. Adding spices and fruits to the beers is another particularity of la Goutte d'Or brewery.

    Brasserie du Grand Paris


    From Levallois in 2013, as amateur brewers, at the opening of their own brewery in February 2017, how far Anthony and Fabrice have come ! The brewers of Grand Paris have not really confused speed and precipitation. Become a reference on the capital, Grand Paris does have a wide range, North American inspiration. Do not miss !



    Yann discovered the incredible Californian Craft Beer Scene when he was living there, and quickly became part of. After years of work, he also became a brewer, a gypsy one first, then he opened its own brewery in the eastern suburbs of Paris in the summer 2016. Uncompromised beers with some classics and some seasonal, that any beer lovers are looking for ! An international accent for local beers.

    Brasserie Matten


    Located in an old barn to dry tabacco, Matten brewery is making beer in the south of Strasbourg with a clear and ambicious goal : brewing wolrdwide styles of beers with as much local ingredients as possible. Hard challenge but successful when you drink a Psaïkodéclik (Pale Ale) or Schwortz (Stout).



    Young and peppy brewery from Strasbourg in Alsace, Bendorf is based in Neudorf area from 2013. A large and complete range with a nice balance, made Bendorf beers very nice products as creative as well made. In 2016 the brewery is increasing for still more enjoying people and again better quality.



    In the north of Burgundy, not far from Sens, and in the heart of the Vaumorin wood is one of the most attended French breweries. Brewery rising from the French scene, led by Arnaud and Gunther, Popihn did indeed very quickly talked about her. The beers are innovative, relentlessly sharp, and incredibly regular. Remember her name, because it will certainly rely on it in the coming years.



    Promising brewery from south of France, nicely based in a natural wine area, Sulauze trust in great beer made on the bio-dynamic way and boiled with firewood, sometimes also with spontaneous fermentation. All of that for incredible discovering!

    La P'tite Maiz'


    Gypsy brewers, but not for very long time ! Indeed, la P'tite Maiz 'is expanding, and intends to move on to the next step with the construction of its own brewery. Founded 5 years ago around Christophe and Quentin, in a garage at the bottom of a garden, la P'tite Maiz develops a range of efficient and well thought-out beers, to which are added many others collab' .

    BFM (Brasserie des Franches Montagnes)


    Located in the Swiss Jura, Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) was created in 1997 by Jérôme Rebetez. Formally trained as an oenologist, he decided to turn to beer brewing by completely excluding the classic beers styles. Beers from BFM are everything but conventional and are crafted with strong character, revealing lots of body, complexity, and finesse.

    La Nébuleuse


    North American in the soul, la Nébuleuse is a Swiss brewery! Established in Romandie since 2013, this young brewery has quickly forged a good reputation on the Swiss brewing scene. Of quality, creative, and endowed with capital undeniable sympathy, la Nébuleuse will certainly make talk about her.

    Fanø Bryghus


    Fanø brewery is located on the Wadden Sea island of Fanø in Denmark, a country famous for having one of the most dynamic craft beer movement in Europe and worldwide. Managed by Claus Winther, the brewery also became popular with gypsy brewers such as famed Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing that produced a number of limited edition and one-off beers on Fanø.

    Rocket Brewing Company


    An hour's drive from Copenhagen, or a few seconds away on a rocket, Rocket Brewing Company is one of the most promising breweries in Denmark. Brewing exclusively wild beers was a risk worth taking. Now the brewery continues to surprise and takes us to the stars.

    Dry & Bitter


    Young danish brewery with the right name, well dry, very well hopped, a lot of hops ! Dry & Bitter is mostly focused on hoppy beers, with an intense aromatic, working the same way as American West Coast breweries. Because of them, it is less hard to be as far away from the West Coast.

    To Øl


    To Øl? Yes Yes ! First and only brewery 100% gypsy to be included in our catalog, To Øl is nonetheless independent and oh so creative. The brewery, a heavyweight in the Danish and European beer scene, pays particular attention to push the limits of what can be done. The selection is varied, the styles very numerous, in cans or bottles. In short, a brewery must.



    Camba is the first brewery in our catalog, and not least, is a reference in Germany. Established in 2008 in Chiemgau, Bavaria, from Brawkon brewing equipment manufacturer, this brewery represents the best combination of local values and technical expertise. In other words, the alliance of tradition and modernity !

    Kinn Bryggeri


    Based on the pretty Florø peninsula, this northern brewery is own and run by a passionate couple, working hard on malts, and yeast on the old way. All the brewery is equipped of open fermenters, to take care of the yeast, and using it again and again in new batches. Berries and other stuff found locally are also using in the process.



    Located in Marnate, north of Milan, it was developed by a large Italian coffee roaster. The brewery develops a range largely inspired by the Belgian tradition while adding a personal touch. The brewery has succeeded in few years to earn the appreciation of the local and international craft beer scene, and awarded the title of best Italian brewer in 2013. Bravo Schigi!

    Birra Amiata


    Halfway between Florence and Rome is an Italian brewery, proud of its heritage and roots. Located in the heart of a calm and natural environment, Birra Amiata disseminates knowledge through the promotion of local high quality products, such as chestnuts IGP present in many beers, and inspiring more original historical recipes.

    Brussels Beer Project


    The Brussels Beer Project is a brewery project in Brussels led by a Franco-Belgian duo. Their ambition is to introduce modern and hybrid styles, sort of a bridge between the local culture and the American “craft" one. Their new brewery was inaugurated in the summer of 2015. Become one of the leading figures of the Belgian brewing scene in no time, BBP has clearly changed in size since opening their own brewery in 2015.

    La Rulles


    Rulles is a pioneer of the Belgian craft beer revival in the 2000's. Half way between tradition (open fermenters) and new generatiosn (american hops), it is unique beers, but representative of the actual Belgian scene. Based in the Pays de Gaume, Belgian Ardennes mountains, the brewery is focused on ingredients quality, and well brews maturation.

    Brasserie de Blaugies


    Blaugies fits into the traditional side of the Belgian beer culture. Located in Hainault, where the “Saison” originated, it is owned by the Carlier family who’s been succeeding in re-creating traditional beer styles. Their farmhouse beers are highly regarded among connoisseurs.



    French Belgian blender, the Tilquin brewery selection and buy Lambics to aged, added fruits, or blended them together. Pierre Tilquin became famous in this work, years by years, and he is specially known for theses "Quetsch" and "Mûres" from Wallonie. He is actually the only Gueuze maker in Wallonie and maybe one day, Lambic brewer...

    Siren Craft Brew


    Located in Berkshire, the brewery won a string of awards for their beers despite only having being in business since 2010. Bold and creative, it had in its team one of the most renowned brewers, Ryan Witter-Merithew who substantially contributed in setting up and launching the brewery.
    Today with its large and diversified range of beers, the brewery managed to become a key player in the English craft beer scene.

    Beavertown Brewery


    Beavertown Brewery was born in December 2011 in the kitchen of Duke’s, east London. After relocating several times, today the brewery is established in a large site in Tottenham. They’re the first brewery in London to sell their wares in cans, and not any cans. They are hard to miss with they eye-catchingly colourful and comic inspired design.

    Brew By Numbers


    Brewed in London, Brew By Numbers was born on March 2012. Inspired mainly by the Belgian and American styles of beers, the brewery now has a range of 25 beers. The specificity of this brewery is that it does not name its beers but codes them: The first two numbers denote the style of beer, the second two numbers denote the recipe within that style; these are based on the ingredients.

    Weird Beard Brewing Co.


    Brewery from London suburbs, Weird Beard recently became part of the elite on the London new brewing wave. Creative brewers, specialist on dark beer and barrel aging, they do not forget the highly hoppy beer culture!

    Wild Beer Co.


    In the middle of Somerset countryside, Wild Beer Co. is definitely one of the more creative in England. Freaks on alternative fermentations, the brewers team use barrel aging, brett, lacto, for constantly make new creations. From the freshness of a pale ale in can, to the complexity of a sour blend with wax on the cap, Wild Beer Co. is an entire brewery.

    Magic Rock


    Ghostly characters on funny cans, Magic Rock is actually a very high level brewery on the English market. Presisness and subtility for these talented brewers, with a very nice cans serie, and a huge selection a beers in keg.

    Boundary Brewing Cooperative


    A human and collective adventure, this is what Boundary Cooperative Brewing is all about. Opened in Belfast in 2014, this brewery is known as the an essential new standard of the North-Irish brewery scene. Influenced equally by the modernity of North-American styles and by the tradition of the Franco-Belgian styles, Boundary is part of the current trend, with some success.

    Against the Grain

    United States

    The United States in France, do you realize ! And a real American. Against the Grain, no longer presented, is one of the leading breweries on the North American craft scene. Relatively young, this Kentucky brewery is in step with other continental giants, in this quest for ever more modernity and innovation. The beers are obviously numerous and varied, and the visuals always more offbeat and original. As much to say it, one is conquered.

    Dieu du Ciel!


    Historical "Brouepub" from the Plateau in Montreal, who should we introduce to Dieu du Ciel ? High quality beers, sharp, and original, who made them unavoidable on the local craft beer scene but also worldwide. Always still creative, the brewery is now working on barrel aging process and a huge IPAs set.



    In the South of Québec, small brewery on the Vermont border, Dunham, is a precious things where the work on Saison kind of yeast give emotion, as their Saison Rustique so perfect. A lot of barrels in the warehouse, a nice brewpub, and a wonderful restaurant, it is what you gonna find going there. At least all the labels are based on local artists works, making every new beer unique.



    Glutenberg, Montreal's famous Gluten-free brewery? Yes that's right ! Multi-medalist in many festivals, Glutenberg produces among the best gluten-free beers in the world. No, no post-production treatments, but only specific cereals, locally malted, and worked with great care, so as to get a beer as good as balanced. Millet, Maize, Rice, and especially Sarrazin are the basis of each of them.

    Kout na Sumave

    Czech Republic

    A brewery that perfectly falls into the Czech brewing tradition. Three centuries old, it was abandoned during the sixties, to be acquired 40 years later by a businessman from the village, fascinated by the place. Kout has won several. medals and honors.

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